Friday, June 25, 2010

New Muse: Ashley.

I stumbled onto Ashley's fashion blog, and guess what, we Heart It! It's rare these day to be really inspired, and truly moved by fashion originality. Ashley describes herself as "That daring, darling fashion blogger" And she couldn't be more right. I was like "Rumi who," and I was also like " tell that fashion-toast ho that she's got some competition on the block." This girl is doing all the street style poses in the book but adds her own flair to them, which is what I really love about her. Enjoy!
Look: "Moms Night Out"
Look: "Just Being Free"
Look: "Hand Hearting Something Random"
Look: "Bored + Coffee"
Look: "Look Down Pose"

Look: "look down+plus bum vibe"
Look: "I mean I know its tacky but
I pull off the platform and socks thing well
oh, plus this tiny and sort of
ironic designer bag"
Look: "OMG, Nature Girl!"
Look: "Funny pose plus renaissance fair/hippy"

Monday, April 26, 2010

Standing On things You Normally Don't

This season narcissism has teamed with standing/posing on things that you normally would not. It's an unexpected pairing that has delivered some outstanding results. We are just starting to heart this trend; we have a semi-heart-on for it. Some ideas for things to stand or sit on: a tombstone (a little goth, but hey that's an acceptable reference point these days,) a sculpture, baroque furniture, or high up on a tree. Can't wait to see how this trend evolves.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Hair Die X Lack Of Commitment

This spring, (it's spring right?), partially died hair is a very strong trend. We heart it! This is a "have your cake and eat it too" type
trend. To clarify, if you are partially passionate about updating your attempts at self expression try bleaching and then dying just the
tips of your hair. It's a way of paying homage to your adolescence and that time when you where 13 when dying or bleaching healthy
baby hair was a way to say "fuck you mom." This trend is an update to that, try it, heart, hate it, change it.

It's Gon' Rain! Hip Umbrellas Of April.

It's April so rain showers are trending right now. Unpredictable weather, socio-economic uncertainty, regime changes... we believe all these things are causing culture consumers to rethink and revisit the boring old umbrella. This is an emerging trend, but we believe that the re-emergence of the Umbrella has a lot to do with greater social issues that are also inextricably linked to weather which is inextricably linked to humankind etc... But they are also stylish and functional and can be an unexpected form of self expression (blah blah blah.)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Glasses Porn: Not Just Protective Smoking Goggles.

I know. Anyways. I'm just sayin.' O-My-God: We've been hearting glasses for a while. And still do. And probably never won't love em. See even retarded people look smart in them. But actually being smart, not so hip, right now. But looking Mensa + being a girl = great and we love it. Forever. Trending way up, and way circular too.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Funny Faces Vs. DIY Mustache

Summer's almost here. I can feel it. And so can you. Look at your faces, they are so funny, so playful, so hip. Hand gestures and fake mustaches tell me, it's time to show more flesh. This time, for summer, try to choreograph your playful antics: the Japanese have been doing it for years so don't you think us white boys should start?