Friday, May 29, 2009

Vintage Bicycle + Outfit + Art Direction = Hip + we heart our newest Muse

Wanted to introduce the BicyclePirate (check her blog out.)  She's our newest muse.  And its very hip to have a muse.  She said that she's been accessorizing with a vintage bike for about a year before everyone else.  She's so hip that she actually had a vintage bike surgically attached to her hand.  We Love everything about the BicyclePirate-her photo locations, styling, choice of vintage bike are all spot on hip.  Study her.  

More to come on Bicycle Culture: Probably hip all the way through 2011! 

Hearting Cool Shit

The 80's were all about hearting yourself.  The 90's were about hating yourself.  Well, Now is all about hearting Now-and stuff.  Try hearting hearting.  Heart this blog while your at it.  Its as if everyone hip has had open heart surgery.  Try to make hearts out of unsuspecting things and then stand back and heart that too.  Its very Hip to Heart Cool Shit.   

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Posing Updates: Cute Overload

Sorry its been a little while. Hope you had a great Memorial Day Weekend! I never really take a vacation, spent the whole weekend doing research.  I am very confident about this one--Posing with animals is going to be very hip: 

Friday, May 22, 2009

Hip Jews of Sumeria. Samarkand Fashion Haven

Who knew? Look out L.A.  I just love the picture of the guy with the really beautiful Leather tote--looks like sheep skin? Possibly the freshest man purse I have ever seen.  

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Not Knowing The Answer. Big Trend For Summer

This is BLOWING UP right now.  Ahh the beautiful.  There's so many of us out there now that low self esteem and a lack of confidence are coming back-in a big way.  The Head Scratch pose is huge and its very hip.  Its a sort of anti-aesthetic. Isn't it funny how just a little while ago we were all into abstract expressionistic poses like "the tea cup." And now, outta nowhere, the head scratch seems to be asking--"am I still hip?"  Don't worry, you are still very hip.  

Emerging Talent: Graphic Latte Foam Design

My parents didn't even know what designers did when I told them that "designers create the world around us" Look who's not understanding now. 

The only other time I saw such creativity-with-foam was at a  foam party/rave thing in Portugal 5 years ago. 


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Emerging Trends: Oversized Accessories

I've been seeing oversized accessories everywhere lately.  I snapped these pics while I was      
biking around Echo Park, in Los Angeles.  These folks reeked of style but in that natural way.  

Trend Report: Protective Goggles For Smoking

Of course smoking is hip right now-it's pretty much always in style-but making weird faces when the smoke gets in your eyes can really ruin a perfectly hip outfit.  We have been noticing a lot of these protective goggles for smokers and there for sure going to be huge for summer 09 all the way through winter, no doubt.  Whoever thought of these things is a G-E-N-I-U-S! 

Friday, May 15, 2009

Down Time - Fashion + Depression

Understanding your emotional mood swings while rethinking your weekend wardrobe is very hip right now. Multitasking your insecurities both inside and out can only be hipper than the less understanding. These hip models photographed are reconsidering how his/her outfit will be portrayed at their social gathering where The Cobra Snake may or may not snap a photo of them. 

I could not help but notice 2 hips at once... Logan previously posted how hip Owls were. Now Downward Pose + Owl = Even Hipper

Tips 4 Pose:   Pretend you are falling off a cliff and are about to die.
        Double check the depth of the staircase before you begin.
         Ask yourself, "Will others find me hip?"

Graffiti On Your Animals: Upcoming Art Trend

               Blaze is a guest correspondent.  He really represents the voice of a younger generation and is extremely in the know.  If tomorrow was now-than its very hip to talk like a very excited retarded person. 

My boy Shep Fairey notified me of this very Now, very forward re-contextualization of the-used to-be-very hip graffiti movement.  This is fresh in more ways than one. The "in-the-know-it alls" are very, very excited. Take a look at Blaze's response-pure bliss, or something. The only thing that could be more exciting then Animal Graffiti is Blaze's utter disregard for spelling things correctly.   

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Being Into Owls: Its Very Hip!

Chics, Dudes, and everyone else start hearting owls if you don't already.  

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Theme Living For the Rich

For the absurdly wealthy, dressing like a Samurai is very hip.  We've all seen those rich cowboys or even rich rollerskaters: but this season its all about the East.  Strong, graphic silhouettes with hand finished touches and of course finely crafted-trust me this look, says to all non theme dressers "I don't compromise" and draws on the past to say "I know something you don't" and it casts a blank stare at your bank statement as if to say "I've never even looked at one of those."